About Us

Little Baby Boo Nursery: An ABDL NurseryFrom the Mommies of the Little Baby Boo Nursery...

Lovingly selected from us for you.

The Littles' Store is located in the Little Baby Boo Nursery: an ABDL adult nursery in the High Desert of Los Angeles County. We care for all sorts of littles & Bigs and have found, with all of the new products on the market, that sometimes folks just want to try stuff out before buying big bags of adult diapers.

So, the Caregivers of LBBN have picked out some of the high-quality products we like using in the Nursery. While we're starting out small, we hope to grow to the biggest specialty adult diaper sample pack shipper the world's ever seen!!! (say THAT 5 times fast)

~ Sending lots of love, cuddles, & tiny kisses!!