Sleepy Bunny Glass ABDL Adult Baby Bottle
Sleepy Bunny Glass ABDL Adult Baby Bottle
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Sleepy Bunny Glass ABDL Adult Baby Bottle

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Hey behbehs!

We have a great question for all of you! Are ya thirsty? You are? Well that's just handy dandy because we now have these super cute glass adult baby bottles! These glass bottles feature a unique straw feeding system, that allows you to fully finish off what is inside your bottle. It also has a 250 ml capacity, that way you can easily measure your daily intake of fluids.

Of course no one likes a boring bottle and these adorable bottles will not disappoint! We currently only have 1 design left (the sleepy bunny) and it'll look super cute with any outfit you happen to be wearing - especially an outfit from the Littles' Store's Mommy Made Collection! 😉

So drink up little one! Those pamps aren't gonna fill themselves...

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